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As an individual with print background one of the things I’ve noticed in the last 20 years is the reduction of print material. Ten years ago a boss and I pulled issues of industry magazines for three years. The reason we did this? Simple, we wanted to provide a visual to our sales team on the decline of print. It was necessary as a print company to re-think the way we approached customers and focus on how print material could support their growing digital presence. This wasn’t the beginning of my focus on digital marketing, our company had been working towards those efforts for several years; however, it did expand my focus on business to consumer digital marketing.

So what does this have to do with your business? Well if you aren’t strengthening your digital marketing presence to consumers, your organization could face an outcome similar to many print-centric organizations. Early this week I read an article that discussed the adaptation of newspapers to the digital age. Newspapers who are succeeding in today’s market have one thing in common; they are stopping being a newspaper. Recognizing early and effectively that your consumers are digital will help you succeed. If your organization needs help focusing on digital marketing, email A2DM for a consultation.


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