Content is King

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy is creating content. Most of my cohorts have referred to me as a freak and a geek because of this affliction. Researching new areas of industry, markets, or trends gives me a sense of accomplishment. Developing this raw information into useful data for business decision making is like the best present ever received. So yes, I strongly resemble the freakish geek remark from my cohorts. Not only do I cherish that name, but I work hard to live up to it on a weekly basis by scouring information that provides further confirmation of the value of digital marketing in business.

The article I found of great interest this week is about the value of developing content for your business. Maybe this option is not a financial reality for your organization; however, you can understand the value of having relative content out there for your customers. Consider contacting A2DM to develop your organization’s content by using the resident freakish geek of content creation!


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