Social Media Advantages

Frequently it is suggested that small businesses consider utilizing more online services, such as social media, to promote their business. Even I talked about the value of spending time promoting your business through social media.  However, I don’t frequently see any guidance on how to do it, only why it is important. So what is the extra value that social media can provide that nothing else does – well, nothing.

Social media is simply an additional tool in your arsenal to increase business. The company must also have superb customer service, excellent communication, and an outstanding product.  If you don’t have the human touch, no amount of digital marketing will change the course of your business.  There is a local company that I frequent who is experiencing growth based on these attributes as well as their commitment to social media promotion. Cookies on Demand‘s owner faithfully updates her Facebook site every day.  However, what gets you in the door is the cute space (an old bank, complete with vault), a pleasant smile and friendly voice as you walk in, and then these FABULOUS cookies made fresh every day.

  • IF those cookies weren’t incredible, no one would consider going back.
  • IF you were scowled at, or not greeted – you might go back for the best cookies you ever had, but then again, it could be enough to deter you.  Maybe keep you from driving out of your way, only go when you were in the neighborhood.
  • IF the location was dirty, dreary, untidy, or otherwise, unappealing it could affect frequency of return visits.  Most customers don’t go to businesses that are dirty, cluttered, smell musty, or in other ways unappealing.  They understand if you are running a construction business there will be dirt tracked in.  But, there is no reason for it to be left there for days, for cobwebs in the corners, dead bugs on window sills, dust on counters, etc.

BUT if you have these attributes in place, then further engage customers through social media.  Provide informative how to’s, entice them with appetizing photography and descriptions, offer special discounts, and grow connections through interrelationships.  It is possible to increase the loyalty of customer’s through these social media engagements.  For specific ideas you can read IT Business Edge and implement one or two of their suggestions, get online and see what your competition is doing, or call A2DM to provide an analysis and suggestions to increase your digital advantage.


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