How do the cogs in the lock work for your organization’s marketing plan? Are they lining up for success or are you missing on each rotation.

Indispensable Marketing

Whenever someone who is successful speaks about their success and growing their business, they’re some in the crowd who seem to get it. But they don’t. Not really. They falsely believe that it’s because of one thing or one move. They think that it must be because of their Twitter profile, or Facebook Fan page, or Google+ account, that’s the reason for their success. And it’s NEVER just one thing or move.

The truth is success and growing your business is always a combination of things working together, never just one thing. When you think about a combination lock. It’s a lock where a sequence of numbers or symbols must work together, in order for you to successfully open the lock. And so this notion of the cookie cutter, the “one thing” success, is fake. Success is always achieved when it’s a combination of things working together and it’s always fake when the thinking is it’s just…

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