Marketing for the Real World

Recently on LinkedIn, I read an article by Joe Pulizzi, founder at Content Marketing Institute.  Apparently he has been reading what I’ve been writing about.  He discusses 10 new jobs in the marketing department.  However, we all know, those aren’t real jobs, just new hats that each marketing person is going to have to wear.

Not surprising to me the first position he discuss is Content Manager!  Of course, he does specialize in consulting on Content Management so I guess it makes sense that he is going to focus on this area.  The important thing is that he reiterates many of the ideas we’ve discussed;

  1. Companies must develop content that will create an emotional connection with their customers.
  2. These stories need to be consistent and make sense.  One of the reasons it is important to have a content manager.
  3. Content needs to be planned out to highlight products or services at the premium point.

Check out Mr. Pulizzi’s article on 10 Marketing Roles for the Next 10 Years.  If you aren’t interested in managing all these roles yourself consider working with a professional consultant who is available as much or little as your organization needs.  A2DM can provide marketing expertise that covers all the necessary hats.


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