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Social Media Content

There is a quote that I remember when ever I’m writing information for customers.

Every two days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.

This comment was made in 2010 by Eric Schmidt, President of Google at the time. In 2008, Facebook surpassed MySpace as the dominant social media site. Then we entered the realm of “smartphones” and everyone could be connected constantly, there was no longer a need to sit at a desk connected to a large computer system. Those days were over and everyone became a publisher.

  • Videos – 48 hours of Video uploaded every minute and YouTube receives 3 billion views per day
  • Photos – 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day
  • Twitter – 200 million tweets per day
  • Email – Over 100 trillion emails a year or more than 300 billion emails a day
  • Text in 2011 – more than 7 trillion

This doesn’t mean all the content out there is high quality.  In fact the estimate from the Digital Marketing Association is that 89% of all emails are spam.  This requires business owners to write content that engages customers through a tidal wave of information coming at them.  How do we reach those customers?   What gets these customers to react positively to the information?

Know the Customer

Sounds pretty simple.  Most businesses do this all the time.  However in engaging with digital marketing are you sending the same message to prospects and existing customers?  Does this serve that customer effectively?   Capture information when the customer engages and spend time to cater to each customer when contacting them.  A database can customize the digital message you are sending to your customers and make certain the information they get is pertinent to their needs.  Your business does NOT want to become part of the spam tidal wave hitting that customer.

Know the Solution

It is necessary to understand the solutions provided by your business for customers. Make certain when engaging customers you are identifying these solutions relative to the customer’s need. The digital message gives you an opportunity to sit face to face with your customer, a few hundred or thousand at a time. The content in this message should relay the same solutions you would use to engage that customer if they were sitting in front of you.

Track Results

When we are face to face with a customer we can often read the outcome. Just like working face to face with customers, we don’t expect to receive immediate results, sometimes it will take several contacts. When sending a digital message provide identification so you know the customer has received the message. This provides evaluation of results. Allows us to identify which messages are received. From this we are able to fine tune our digital marketing and improve our engagement with customers.

If your organization does not have the resources to commit consider hiring a consultant who can work within your budget to deliver these advantages. A2DM can provide an assessment and offer solution alternatives within your budget that can provide the digital message you need to fully engage customers.



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Social Media Advantages

Frequently it is suggested that small businesses consider utilizing more online services, such as social media, to promote their business. Even I talked about the value of spending time promoting your business through social media.  However, I don’t frequently see any guidance on how to do it, only why it is important. So what is the extra value that social media can provide that nothing else does – well, nothing.

Social media is simply an additional tool in your arsenal to increase business. The company must also have superb customer service, excellent communication, and an outstanding product.  If you don’t have the human touch, no amount of digital marketing will change the course of your business.  There is a local company that I frequent who is experiencing growth based on these attributes as well as their commitment to social media promotion. Cookies on Demand‘s owner faithfully updates her Facebook site every day.  However, what gets you in the door is the cute space (an old bank, complete with vault), a pleasant smile and friendly voice as you walk in, and then these FABULOUS cookies made fresh every day.

  • IF those cookies weren’t incredible, no one would consider going back.
  • IF you were scowled at, or not greeted – you might go back for the best cookies you ever had, but then again, it could be enough to deter you.  Maybe keep you from driving out of your way, only go when you were in the neighborhood.
  • IF the location was dirty, dreary, untidy, or otherwise, unappealing it could affect frequency of return visits.  Most customers don’t go to businesses that are dirty, cluttered, smell musty, or in other ways unappealing.  They understand if you are running a construction business there will be dirt tracked in.  But, there is no reason for it to be left there for days, for cobwebs in the corners, dead bugs on window sills, dust on counters, etc.

BUT if you have these attributes in place, then further engage customers through social media.  Provide informative how to’s, entice them with appetizing photography and descriptions, offer special discounts, and grow connections through interrelationships.  It is possible to increase the loyalty of customer’s through these social media engagements.  For specific ideas you can read IT Business Edge and implement one or two of their suggestions, get online and see what your competition is doing, or call A2DM to provide an analysis and suggestions to increase your digital advantage.

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Change in Strategy

A favorite quote a previous boss frequently used was;

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. ~ Henry Ford.

This challenged what I was doing. When he felt I was in a rut and not looking forward I’d find this quote on my desk, in an email, or on my voice mail. It worked fabulously. Quickly I no longer needed to be challenged, it was “obvious” that it was time to make changes. It was this change in strategy that led me towards digital marketing. At the time it was cutting edge relationship management, sales, and reporting. With my strong computer background and ability to pick up new computer languages and techniques combined with my boss’ fascination with technology, I was able to pursue tech alternatives that only Fortune 5000 companies could consider.

Today technology is advanced and available for any organization interested in committing time and resources. Making changes in the methods your organization uses to engage customers could significantly impact the bottom line. This article discusses five strategy changes that could maximize technology. If your organization does not have the resources to commit consider hiring a consultant who can work within your budget to deliver these advantages. A2DM can provide an assessment and offer solution alternatives that will fit within your budget while still delivering the change you need.


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Content is King

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy is creating content. Most of my cohorts have referred to me as a freak and a geek because of this affliction. Researching new areas of industry, markets, or trends gives me a sense of accomplishment. Developing this raw information into useful data for business decision making is like the best present ever received. So yes, I strongly resemble the freakish geek remark from my cohorts. Not only do I cherish that name, but I work hard to live up to it on a weekly basis by scouring information that provides further confirmation of the value of digital marketing in business.

The article I found of great interest this week is about the value of developing content for your business. Maybe this option is not a financial reality for your organization; however, you can understand the value of having relative content out there for your customers. Consider contacting A2DM to develop your organization’s content by using the resident freakish geek of content creation!

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Traffic Traffic Traffic

The biggest objective of digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing . . . traffic. Some things never change, as business owners we will always need to entice customers to select our product or service. Social media and digital marketing have simply increased the audience we are trying to entice to the entire world via the internet.

Having effective backlinks to your organizations social media and website will assist in providing back link alternatives. Keeping content relevant and rich is an important part of keeping customers interested. Identifying articles and blogs that highlight information of interest to perspective customers will also increase backlinks and customer traffic. This blog has other suggestions or you can contact A2DM for assistance in increasing traffic for your organization.


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Mobile Necessity?

Often business owners don’t feel it is necessary to provide mobile access for customers to their products or store.  However IBM did an evaluation of the recent shopping completed online for Black Friday.  The idea was to identify who was a leader in the mobile markets. Apple came out overwhelmingly ahead – claiming 88.3% of the tablet shopping.   So 4 out of every 5 individuals who shopped using a tablet on Black Friday used an iPad!  That’s an impressive number.  Even more interesting . . . overall mobile shopping tallies;

iPad had 9.3%

iPhone had 8.7%

Android had 5.5%

So when you plan to engage those customers using digital marketing – don’t forget mobile users.  They are an increasing number of customers for both B2B and B2C.  Read the numbers provided by IBM on the 2012 Black Friday shopping here. There are cost effective mobile development options and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email A2DM for a consultation.

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Tout Your Expertise

Large companies are facing the challenge of their employees creating a brand of their expertise.  Their concerns are an edge to independent business owners.  Your organizations ability to extol expertise is the value proposition. Providing information in a blog, tweeting, or other digital media outlets that others use a reference not only increase visibility and customer relationships, but improves your organization’s credibility. Just remember to make certain that the information in the digital market reflects your organization’s market objectives.

This Wall Street Journal discusses how the co-branding of employee expertise is challenging large corporations.  This article can provide insight to branding your organization. If you are uncertain how to utilize this marketing technique, contact A2DM for a consultation. Let A2DM develop a digital marketing presence that reflects your market objectives.

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