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Press Time

As an individual with print background one of the things I’ve noticed in the last 20 years is the reduction of print material. Ten years ago a boss and I pulled issues of industry magazines for three years. The reason we did this? Simple, we wanted to provide a visual to our sales team on the decline of print. It was necessary as a print company to re-think the way we approached customers and focus on how print material could support their growing digital presence. This wasn’t the beginning of my focus on digital marketing, our company had been working towards those efforts for several years; however, it did expand my focus on business to consumer digital marketing.

So what does this have to do with your business? Well if you aren’t strengthening your digital marketing presence to consumers, your organization could face an outcome similar to many print-centric organizations. Early this week I read an article that discussed the adaptation of newspapers to the digital age. Newspapers who are succeeding in today’s market have one thing in common; they are stopping being a newspaper. Recognizing early and effectively that your consumers are digital will help you succeed. If your organization needs help focusing on digital marketing, email A2DM for a consultation.


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Traffic Traffic Traffic

The biggest objective of digital marketing is the same as traditional marketing . . . traffic. Some things never change, as business owners we will always need to entice customers to select our product or service. Social media and digital marketing have simply increased the audience we are trying to entice to the entire world via the internet.

Having effective backlinks to your organizations social media and website will assist in providing back link alternatives. Keeping content relevant and rich is an important part of keeping customers interested. Identifying articles and blogs that highlight information of interest to perspective customers will also increase backlinks and customer traffic. This blog has other suggestions or you can contact A2DM for assistance in increasing traffic for your organization.


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Email Friend or Foe

Email usage is down since 2010, because many customers are using social media. However there are ways to utilze email to enhance customers digital marketing experience and continue to drive traffic to through social media and your website. Keep in mind when planning your digital marketing strategy ways to continue to develop successful databases, campaigns that will put your business in front of the right customers, and ways to drive those customers onto your site for purchase decisions.

Emails shouldn’t be a nuisance, but a helpful tool for your customer. This article suggests ways to make your email marketing more effective.

If you are uncertain how to develop an email marketing campaign, contact A2DM for assistance.

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Get those good stories ready!

One of the things I often speak about is content management. Non-profit organizations have mastered the ability to digitize their message and impress the importance of their organization through stories. Is your organization providing customers a compelling story?  It might be hard to believe, but customers will be more compelled to find out the details of your product if they have a story.   It’s just the way the brain works, we need something to move us and entice us to look further.  It has to be a good balance of necessary details and information as well as the story.  So, are you optimizing the digital story for your customers?

The Inc. article talks about how human brains focus more easily when information is provided in a story. Do you need assistance developing a digital story for your customers? Contact A2DM and let them create a compelling story for your organization that will help drive customer engagement.

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Value of Your Network

Frequently people tell me how easy it is for me, because I know so many people. It’s easy for me to reach out and find information, opportunities, references, resources, volunteers, etc. This is probably one of the things I have had to work at more than any other. But over the years I have learned from individuals who are extremely talented at developing strong networks a few techniques. My ability to quickly adopt technology has actually given me an edge on their techniques. Making immediate notes on contact records when I meet someone – I tend to write down anything that might be beneficial; children’s names, sports they played, teams they played on, spouses name, church they attend, non-profits they are involved with, family connections to organizations, favorite foods, favorite restaurants . . .

One customer came infrequently to our office. His business wasn’t massive, but he was a customer that frequently priced the business – this sent our team scrambling EVERY print project to secure the business. My boss mentioned that he was coming in the next week and we were going to try and secure a contract so we wouldn’t be constantly scrambling to price the business. I went and checked my contact notes for the customer. When he had come in once he mentioned that he didn’t liked our candy dish, but we needed Jelly Belly’s those were his favorite. I went out and bought a large bag of Jelly Belly’s and several small tupperware containers. Then I designed a label with the company name, logo, and his name which I attached to each container along with a tag for several locations around the plant. The day he was coming in I placed the containers with Jelly Belly’s around the facility, at locations where he would be customer wait area, conference room, plant, etc. As he was shown around the facility he was offered HIS Jelly Belly’s at all locations and informed that we would have them filled whenever he was in the facility. He loved the fact that we remembered. While he was with that company there was a lot less price competition mentioned, and he actually started coming to our facility a little more frequently. We followed through and made certain the tupperware was filled and were rewarded with a stronger relationship. It wasn’t the jelly beans – it was remembering the insignificant.

This Entrepreneur article talks about the value of networking. Are you spending enough time developing a strong network for your organization’s future? If you don’t have the time or personnel to spare working on that consider hiring A2DM to allow us to develop and enhance your digital network. We can even coordinate this with an email marketing campaign to take full advantage of the contacts developed.

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Measuring Marketing’s Worth

You can’t spend wisely unless you understand marketing’s full impact. Here are five questions executives should ask to help maximize the bang for their bucks.


Read this article to identify key things to increase your return on investment for marketing. If your organization needs assistance understanding the impact and return on investment of your marketing program, contact A2DM for a consultation.

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