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Business Analytics

Is data weighing you down or setting you free? As a small to midsize business facing daunting competitive pressures and limited resources, if you’re not extracting all the value you can from the data you collect, then you’re at a critical disadvantage.

It boils down to this:

Business analytics is essential to using data to optimize performance and achieve a sustainable competitive edge. 

Read this report provided by SAS to find out ways business analytics could help you identify your best customers, accelerate product innovation, and improve financial performance.  Or you can contact A2DM to provide an assessment and offer solution alternatives that will fit within your budget while still delivering business analytics that will help you achieve a competitive advantage.



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Prepare for 2013

Read an article today on what some of the biggest minds in business feel that big ideas are in 2013. Some of these leaders are focusing on personal development for the upcoming year. Which makes sense, improvements in our self tend to lead to improvements in our environment whether it is your business or personnel life. Other leaders chose to focus on small things that they felt could make major differences. This is something I’ve always liked, small achievable goals.

Sometimes when we focus all our attention on broad overviews in our organizations (increasing sales 5%), we struggle to make that happen. However, when attention is focused on smaller objectives; improving moral in customer service, providing customers a simplified means of contact like online chat, or identifying bottlenecks in the manufacturing process through employee teams – the larger objectives simply occur. In much the same way where focusing on our own self improvement creates improvement on our environment; the focus on small changes in your organization can provide unexpected bottom line improvements. Maybe this year is the year to consider your organization’s digital marketing footprint? A2DM consulting can provide a consultation to assist in focusing your efforts. Contact A2DM today and find out how we can provide bottom line improvements.

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Brand Who

First impressions can make a significant impressions. I’ve had occasion to make a decision about eating establishments based on the first 15 minutes. If I’m feeling ignored, see dust and dirt, or am accosted by unsavory aromas – there is a good chance that I won’t come back to the establishment regardless of how good the food might be.

Digital impressions can have the same affect on customers. I’m sure you’ve wandered onto websites that make it a challenge to find any information. One annoyance for me is a website that shows no activity, this always makes me wonder if the company is still in business. Fatal digital flaws of a first impression;

  • no digital footprint
  • inactive digital presence
  • digital impression that is NOT customer friendly

If you are concerned about the digital impression of your organization read this article for suggestions or get in touch with A2DM.

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2012

What will it take to make a difference for your marketing strategy in 2012.   Studies show that half a million individuals join the Internet daily.  Developing a comprehensive strategy to  include digital marketing will significantly nurture and develop customer relationships.  Online marketing has become the most preferred way to market and promote a product.


This article provides insight into the trends occurring in digital marketing. If you need assistance developing a digital marketing plan for your organization contact A2DM for an affordable consulting solution.

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Afraid of Social Media Negativity

Many organizations are concerned about opening themselves to negativity through social media. However, one of the things we can learn from non-profit organizations is the value of “the story.” Increasing relationships and brand loyalty with your customers by sharing through social media can be a benefit when handled professionally. Do you have someone handling this connection or is it left up to chance?

This short blog talks about how vulnerability can increase your customer loyalty. If your organization cannot afford to dedicate an individual to manage social media, consider hiring a consultant to efficiently manage this. A2DM has qualified consultants who can provide professional social media management for your organization.

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